Overview of the audio description in spanish DTT channels


  • Francisco José González CESyA


audio description, DTT, descriptor, stream


This paper presents an analysis of current practices in audio description in Spanish TV channels. The results of this research show that in some channels the audio description is broadcasted for ‘receiver mix audio description’ while in other channels the alternative used is ‘broadcaster mix audio description’. The problems detected for the activation of audio description in users’ TVs can be solved applying some enhancement to signaling information used by broadcasters in their DVB TV channels. Finally, some recommendations for the users are included to present the key aspects to audio description activation in their TVs.



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González, F. J. (2014). Overview of the audio description in spanish DTT channels. Journal of Accessibility and Design for All, 4(3), 177-206. Retrieved from http://jacces.org/index.php/jacces/article/view/50